OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADurham is a small town a few minutes away from Newcastle. It’s really really small – basically a massive Cathedral and a university with a few streets attached to them.

It’s a beautiful town, nevertheless. With its magnificent Cathedral, the beautiful Castle, the river, the small shopping alleys and beautiful nature just everywhere around, I get why people study here in what seems like the middle of nowhere if you’re used to Edinburgh and its loud and jammed streets.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnyway, after lunch in a pizza place just by the flooded river, Susie and I decided to make the best of the comparably good weather and climbed Durham Cathedral. We got an amazing view over Durham and its surroundings, and again, you notice quickly how small this town is once you’re up there. It’s also surprisingly exhausting to get up there, so once we managed to get back down, we got to a fancy cake place to replenish.

There’s not so much more to say about Durham: It’s not a must-see place, but it’s still worth spending a day. Everything is fairly walkable within a quarter of an hour and even if you just stop by to grab a slice of cake and see the Cathedral, it has already paid off.

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