Today we climbed

arthursseatimg_2168(The title being an allusion to Katherine Price’s awesomest of all travel blogs,) I would like to announce that I finally got to the (very) top of Arthur’s Seat today, and although I have climbed this giant piece of highlands in the middle of the city before, I never got to the actual top. Once we started, we got a slight bit of a first idea of what we were getting into when we finally arrived in front of the smaller rock left from our actual target. We were chasing the sunset and as you will notice in the picture, while the sun was still shining on Arthur’s Seat, it was surely not any more at our current position at it’s very bottom. So the speeding up process began.

img_2219When Elli started saying that we would never make it to the top until sunset and things went steeper up, we got a little quieter (and out of breath), but looking behind we were already able to see the skyline of Edinburgh drawning in the blue-violet-ish light of the sun disappearing behind the small layer of clouds covering the horizon. It is amazing how the most common natural sights such as that of a sunset over an old city, looked at from the top of a mountain, have a soothing and at the same time a bit intimidating effect on you that makes you feel small in terms of the sheer size of things.


img_2193 Walking up this giant rock with three of my four awesome roommates with whom I got luckier than I would have ever dared to imagine, I thought once again of what an amazing place I have come to and will I be able to enjoy for a whole year. When we got up to the top and met with Martin, who had been speedclimbing the Seat, starting after and finishing before us, we were exhausted, cold, shaking and proud, and needless to say: it was absolutely worth it.

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